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Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T

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 Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T
 - Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T
 - Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T
 - Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T
 - Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T
 - Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T

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Salicru's SPS ADVANCE T series offers, as a UPS solution, optimum levels of efficiency and reliability for all critical devices that require power supply continuity and dependability. They come in a very compact tower format to save space in server and computer rooms. They also feature line-interactive technology to combat any fluctuations in the mains supply together with an output voltage that is always sine-wave, the highest quality possible to power all sensitive loads. For easier and more convenient use, they feature a display that shows all necessary information on the operation of the device and power supply (input/output voltage, % load, % battery, etc.) and a wide range of communication options through the USB interface with HID protocol, monitoring and management software (downloadable) and integrated smart slot (SNMP). Also noteworthy is their compatibility with current APFC (active power factor correction) power supplies. The power range for the SPS ADVANCE T series is: 850, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 VA.

Detalles de producto

Tipo de batería:
Emisión de ruido:
45 dB
Potencia de salida:
1400 W
Tecnología de baterías:
Plomo-calcio (Pb-Ca)
Puntos de venta más importantes:
(1) Complete display showing all operating information.
(1) Through additional modules, except for 850 VA model.
Automatic battery test on each start-up.
Cold-start function for start-up from batteries.
Compact tower format.
Compatible with APFC power supplies.
IEC output sockets.
Line-interactive technology with sine-wave output.
Monitoring and management software for Windows, Linux and Mac.
Permanent AVR stabilisation (buck-boost).
Possibility of backup extension.
RS-232 and USB-HID communication interfaces.
SLC Greenergy solution.
Smart slot for SNMP adapter.
EN 62040-2, EN 62040-3, ISO-9001, ISO-14001
Salicru SPS 2000 ADV T. UPS topology: Line-Interactive, Output power capacity: 2 kVA, Output power: 1400 W. AC outlet types: C13 coupler, Power plug: C14 coupler, AC outlets quantity: 6 AC outlet(s). Battery technology: Lead-Calcium (Pb-Ca), Battery recharge time (90%): 4 h. Form factor: Tower, Product colour: Black, Cooling type: Active. Width: 140 mm, Depth: 327 mm, Height: 191 mm
Garantía del fabricante:
2 Years

Datos base

Tipo de producto:
Bastidor de servidor
Fecha de aparición:
6 de julio de 2017
Dimensiones del paquete:
0.303 x 0.289 x 0.166 m;
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