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Religious traditions have provided a seemingly endless supply of subject matter for film, from the Ten Commandments to the Mahabharata . At the same time, film production has engendered new religious practices and has altered existing ones, from the cult following of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to the 2001 Australian census in which 70,000 people indicated their religion to be 'Jedi Knight'. Representing Religion in World Cinema begins with these mutual transformations as the contributors query the two-way interrelations between film and religion across cinemas of the world. Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary by nature, this collection by an international group of scholars draws on work from religious studies, film studies, and anthropology, as well as theoretical impulses in performance, gender, ethnicity, colonialism, and postcolonialism.


"...argues persuasively for conceptualizing a georeligious film aesthetic. It does so by examining the infinitely varied processes by which films from diverse cultures and nations embody religious ideas and values which themselves are revitalized in the quintessential twentieth-century art form. This multi-disciplinary, multi-national volume promises to open up new perspectives on the complex relationships among religion, culture, spectatorship and cinema." - Matthew Bernstein, Emory University

"Representing Religion in World Cinema: Mythmaking, Filmmaking, Culture Making is a far-ranging, provocative collection that pushes the boundaries of religion-and-cinema studies way beyond where, for too long, they have rested too comfortably. The essays are carefully selected and usefully introduced by Brent Plate, so the volume will be most useful in the university classroom." - Ron Grimes, Wilfrid Laurier University


Editor S. Plate



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Fecha de aparición 17.02.2004

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Representing Religion in World Cinema

Filmmaking, Mythmaking, Culture Making

S. Plate

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