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The Ultra-High Net Worth Guide to Growing and Protecting Assets
por Richard P. Rojeck - Vendido por Dodax EU
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Richard P. Rojeck Wealth
Richard P. Rojeck - Wealth

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With few exceptions, books on personal finance focus on investing. And with few exceptions, these same books focus on the general public. This book takes a comprehensive approach to the subject, directed to the ultra-high net worth reader, filling this void.

While there is no shortage of experts in legal, tax, investment, and other matters, in many ways, ultra-high net worth individuals are underserved, even as they are confronted with potentially increasing challenges to the growth and protection of their wealth. Planning strategies lacking a foundation of client-driven values and purpose, coordination and a mechanism for ongoing review and maintenance result in suboptimal outcomes.

As a Certified Financial Planner Professional with over 30 years of experience serving individuals with substantial wealth, Richard Rojeck presents an alternative approach, one based upon a comprehensive planning process. He addresses the eight key planning areas for the ultra-high net worth individual, describing the top strategies within each. He challenges you to assess your current planning and provides guidance on how to select an often-missing member of the advisory team.

With a readable and approachable style, this book will help you more effectively grow and protect your assets for yourself, your family, and your charitable causes.


Autor Richard P. Rojeck



GTIN 9783030244965

Fecha de aparición 20.08.2019

Idioma Inglés

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27,20 €
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