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This book deals with Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Post-war II American society between 1945 and 1960. In a multicultural society, some clashes may occur around issues like assimilation and multiculturalism, the sharing of the welfare in a prosperous society and the equal versus unequal life chances. These ethnic groups have contributed in a positive way in making America a world super power. It is said that diversity is enrichment to the country as a whole. Nevertheless, some people warn that it may bring about issues such as which language they are going to speak and whether or not they should retain their specific markers. It is true that many Americans have chosen to assimilate and become part of the "melting pot" while others think that it is just a myth and that the pot (America) did not include every one especially the people of colour. Some people claim that racism and discrimination still exist in America but is less prevalent and apparent like in the past. Martin Luther King s dream has not only become true but an African American President, Barrak Obama was elected. In his speech about race, he put it "out of many, we are truly one".




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Ethnic and Racial Diversity in Post-war II America (1945-1960)

Souad Hamidi

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