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The 39 confessions of a French Turnaround Executive

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Erik Van Rompay The 39 confessions of a French Turnaround Executive
Erik Van Rompay - The 39 confessions of a French Turnaround Executive

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This document is not a handbook neither a set of items you should try. It is just a testimony on things that happened. I don't know why I reacted in that particular way but I did it as I felt it was the best thing to do. Use my lessons (or do I have to say lesions) to make you think about your own management style and the behavior you can have to keep your business running in difficult times. I translated the 39 corporate lashes into 39 confessions as in a lot of cases, I did things differently than the classical business practices - and I presented each of them with 3 of my field experiences. Never forget that a turnaround executive is an angel; send from above with the mission to transform HELL into HEAVEN and there is no stairway to escape. He has no other solution than transforming hell into a nice destination. Concerning lifestyle, I like is the following saying: "A turnaround is the one that jumps out of an airplane without a parachute but it does not bother him as he knows he can rely on his skill set and experiences to find THE necessary solution before touching the ground."


Autor Erik Van Rompay



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65,98 €
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