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Mobile Based Marketing Practices in Indian Context

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Ritika Malik Mobile Based Marketing Practices in Indian Context
Ritika Malik - Mobile Based Marketing Practices in Indian Context

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In today's world of high speed of wireless technologies of different networks and the increasing penetration of mobile phones the advertising company's interest is rising in using this medium as a means of marketing communication. There is a number of companies investing in mobile marketing campaigns, yet there is a little academic research on this topic therefore this research is conducted to know more about mobile marketing and the nature of this channel are not yet understood fully. This research is studied basically to help in covering this gap; it investigates the factors which helps customers to accept the mobile phone as a means of communicating promotional content. In this Paper the focus will be on 15 banks that is private sector banks, public sector banks and foreign banks that is 5 banks each from different sectors and 200 customers from areas of Delhi-NCR region. The response will be taken with the help of well-structured questionnaire on different parameters and systematic as well as convenience sampling will be conducted, the conclusion and findings will be drawn accordingly with the help of different statistical tools.


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