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This book considers Karl Marx's ideas in relation to the social and political context in which he lived and wrote. It emphasizes both the continuity of his commitment to the cause of full human emancipation, and the role of his critique of political economy in conceiving history to be the history of class struggles. The book follows his developing ideas from before he encountered political economy, through the politics of 1848 and the Bonapartist "farce,", the maturation of the critique of political economy in the Grundrisse and Capital, and his engagement with the politics of the First International and the legacy of the Paris Commune. Notwithstanding errors in historical judgment largely reflecting the influence of dominant liberal historiography, Marx laid the foundations for a new social theory premised upon the historical consequences of alienation and the potential for human freedom.


"With such balanced prose and precise argumentation there are few words fit for purpose other than to declare that with Alienation and Emancipation in the Work of Karl Marx, George Comninel has produced a simply exquisite book. Without hyperbole, it ranks among some of the finest scholarship I have encountered in the past decade." (Scott Timcke, Marx and Philosophy, June 12, 2020)
"This is a skilled and dedicated work of scholarship that will serve anyone interested in deeper engagement with Marx's works in their own terms very well. ... the lively style and illuminating historical analysis will provide fresh insights for readers of all levels of familiarity with the First International's best known thinker." (Jules Joanne Gleeson, Tribune, July 8, 2019)


Autor George C. Comninel



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Alienation and Emancipation in the Work of Karl Marx

George C. Comninel

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