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Alexander Hamilton and the Duty and Obligation of Government:

Federalism and Republican Virtue
por Peter O'Lalor - Vendido por Dodax EU
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Peter O'Lalor Alexander Hamilton and the Duty and Obligation of Government:
Peter O'Lalor - Alexander Hamilton and the Duty and Obligation of Government:

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Immersed in an age old educational system, the
Revolutionary generation placed no uncertain value on
virtue and duty. This education was also a social
conditioning which existed on both sides of the
Atlantic for hundreds of years. Religion and
education served the Revolutionary generation by
reinforcing an innate sense of duty wherein all
obligation was reciprocal. This was transmitted
through the ages by custom, which over time became
tradition and finally comes to us as heritage.
Understanding the different natures of virtue, is to
understand the struggle between capitalism and
republicanism. Capitalism had a certain impact upon
America's infant republic much to the chagrin and
disillusionment of its founders. The quality of that
capitalism, rooted in the Roman virtue of expansion
and domination of trade, backed by an elite military,
bereft of classical and Christian principles was how
the Federalists unknowingly altered the principal
goals and aims of the Revolution. It is also to find
out how and why Federalism, because of Hamilton s
influence and intercession, produced unintended and
unwelcome consequences.


Autor Peter O'Lalor



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