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Alina Chase has spent her entire life in confinement. With the science of soul-printing now a reality, she is 'protected' for her own safety - and the safety of others - because her soul has done terrible things ... or so she's told. When Alina finally breaks out of prison, helped by a group of people with unclear motives, she begins to uncover clues left by her past life that only she can decipher. And she may not be as innocent as she once believed. Can Alina change her future, or is she fated to repeat her past and face the consequences? Perfect for fans of Sophie McKenzie.


One of the best YA thrillers I've ever read - Praise for 'Fracture' Wondrous Reads


If you could find out who your soul previously belonged to, would you? A brilliant psychological thriller from Megan Miranda


Autor Megan Miranda

Características del artículo

Características ISBN Soulprint. Género: Children's, Tipo de tapa: Libro de bolsillo, Versión de idioma: Inglés. Ancho: 129 mm, Altura: 198 mm. Cantidad mínima del pedido: 1 pieza(s)



GTIN 09781408855409

Fecha de aparición 27.12.2018

Idioma Inglés

Número de páginas 368

Product type Libro de bolsillo

Dimensión 198 x 129 x 25  mm

Peso del producto 250 g

Referencia 9781408855409

ISBN Soulprint libro Children's Libro de bolsillo Inglés 368 páginas


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Vendedor: Dodax

Fecha de entrega: miércoles, 18. diciembre

Condición: Nuevo

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