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Imagine mathematics, imagine with the help of mathematics, imagine new worlds, new geometries, new forms. The new volume in the series "Imagine Math" is intended to contribute to grasping how much that is interesting and new is happening in the relationships between mathematics, imagination and culture.

The present book begins with the connections between mathematics, numbers, poetry and music, with the latest opera by Italian composer Claudio Ambrosini. Literature and narrative also play an important role here. There is cinema too, with the "erotic" mathematics films by Edward Frenkel, and the new short "Arithmétique " by Munari and Rovazzani. The section on applications of mathematics features a study of ants, as well as the refined forms and surfaces generated by algorithms used in the performances by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne. Last but not least, in honour of the hundredth anniversary of his birth, a mathematical, literary and theatrical homage to Alan Turing, one of the outstanding figures of the twentieth century.


From the reviews:
"This is a sequel to the first volume of Imagine Math and it contains again a collection of papers that make a connection between mathematics and cultural activities ... . a collection of 26 very diverse essays, often translated from Italian, that deal with the mathematical aspects of arts, culture and scientific applications. ... Good reads for all math lovers with a broad and open mind." (A. Bultheel, The European Mathematical Society, May, 2013)


This book invites the reader to imagine new worlds, new geometries and new forms. The text conveys new relationships between mathematics, imagination and culture, casting in a new perspective past figures and events that can help to explain phenomena of today.


Editor Michele Emmer



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Imagine Math 2

Between Culture and Mathematics

Michele Emmer

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51,98 €
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