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Being in familiar surroundings is an important factor in chosing home birth for many women. Discomfort or fear of hospitals, birthing centers or strangers can be a factor for others. Yet others feel that home birth is more natural and less stressful. There is a view that the perception of pain is less in a home setting than a hospital setting. When women were asked Why did you choose a home birth? in a recent study published in the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health the five main reasons given were: safety; avoidance of unnecessary medical interventions common in hospital births; previous negative hospital experiences; more control; and a comfortable and familiar environment. While neither access to pharmaceutical pain relief or pharmaceutical labor induction, nor equipment and supplies for emergency cesarean section are available at planned homebirths, most midwives have working relationships with OBs and hospitals.


Editor Frederic P. Miller

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Home Birth

Frederic P. Miller

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