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Driver Safety Alert System

An Alternative to Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
por Leigh Anthony Weston - Vendido por Dodax EU
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Leigh Anthony Weston Driver Safety Alert System
Leigh Anthony Weston - Driver Safety Alert System

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Entrega: entre 2021-03-17 y 2021-03-19
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Automotive transport unavoidably raises safety concerns for drivers, passengers, and indeed, all road users alike. Advancements in vehicle safety technologies have come a long way, and have had a major impact on the reduction of road-related accidents and fatalities. However, as the push towards autonomous vehicle systems gains momentum, assumptions must be avoided about the global application of such technologies. Worldwide, the vast majority of existing vehicles on the road do not even meet basic safety requirements, and the transition to a fully autonomous driving reality is still years away for developed countries, and at best, decades away for the rest. This paper proposes an idea for a driver safety alert system, which is realized in the form of a small-scale prototype. Using readily sourced components, this project aims to show how the system could theoretically provide drivers with more information in hazardous situations, thereby allowing them to make better decisions regardless of the year, make or model of the vehicle they currently drive. The overall goal is to foster further discussion regarding other effective, but financially viable, road safety measures.


Autor Leigh Anthony Weston

Autor Javier Marrero Reyes



GTIN 9783330080126

Fecha de aparición 29.05.2017

Número de páginas 84

Product type Libro de bolsillo

Dimensión 220 x 150  mm

34,88 €
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