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High-performance envelopes aim to save building's interior spaces from adverse external environmental effects and produce internal comfort conditions to occupants while minimizing energy consumption and its related CO2 emissions, environmental pollutions, and other negative impacts. Nano-Technology is the science, engineering, and technology conducted at the Nano-Scale that results in new functionalities and properties for improving materials and products properties and efficiency or developing new materials and products with enhanced properties and effectiveness to use in variable sectors. Nano-Architecture is the implementation of Nano-Science and Nano-Technology in the building and construction sector that promises a lot of potential and opportunities to achieve high-performance buildings in many areas such as materials, energy, and water and air purifying. Therefore, using Nano-Technology enhanced properties materials in buildings envelopes can significantly achieve high-performance for building systems while conserving natural, economic, and social environments.




GTIN 9786134976602

Fecha de aparición 13.02.2018

Idioma Inglés

Número de páginas 260

Product type Libro de bolsillo

Dimensión 220 x 150  mm


As an Application to Improve Buildings Envelope's Performance

Eslam Mohamed Moraekip

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Vendedor: Dodax EU

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72,79 €
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