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Goat Rearing Techniques in Southern Rajasthan

por Gurjar, M. L.
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Gurjar, M. L. Goat Rearing Techniques in Southern Rajasthan
Gurjar, M. L. - Goat Rearing Techniques in Southern Rajasthan

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Small ruminants sector plays an important role in the development of rural economy of India. Goats are one of most important source of meat in India accounting for 7.8 per cent of total produce. Goats are considered to be the wealth of the poor and hence their role is immense in poverty alleviation, income and employment generation. Goat (Capra hircus) rearing is the backbone of economy of small and landless farmers in arid and semi-arid region and plays a significant role in the livelihood and provide nutritional security. Goat enterprise is well suited to weaker sections of rural household with small land or community based feed resources utilization in western Rajasthan.Goats have served the mankind earlier and longer than cattle and sheep. They are often termed as the poor man's cow. The goats can be milked any time of the day and are therefore named as the moving refrigerators. Goats milk is good for children, old and sick persons as it is easily digestible and has medicinal value.


Gurjar, M. L.
Pathodiya, O. P.
Yadav, C. M.

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Dr. M.L.Gurjar, obtained his B.Sc. Ag.(Hons.)1993 and M.Sc. Ag. in Animal Husbandry,1996 from RAU, Bikaner and Ph.D (CW) in A.P., 2007 from MPUAT, Udaipur. He is presently working as a LRS, Vallabhnagar, RAJUVAS,Bikaner. He has published 12 research paper and 18 papers persented in national and international conference/seminar.
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