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Science Communication Practice in China

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Springer Singapore Science Communication Practice in China
Springer Singapore - Science Communication Practice in China

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China has made remarkable and rapid progress in the area of science communication, both in theory and practice. This book critically examines all aspects of science communication practices in China. Dealing with major turning points since the introduction of the ‘Science and Technology Popularization Law’ and the ‘Outline of the National Scheme for Scientific Literacy’, the book tells a success story by scrutinizing structural changes in science communication policies, education system, construction and efficacious utilisation of science popularisation facilities, and creative use of a mix of traditional and modern channels of communication. The book also gives an in-depth analysis of the monitoring and evaluation mechanism, which constitutes the backbone of the national science communication project.


The historical roots of science communication in China include shifts in methodologies, policy instruments, effectual approaches and resultant practices since the days of initial efforts to popularise modern scientific ideas. However, the primary focus of the book remains on the initiatives launched at the turn of the present century. Without losing sight of the national dimensions, each chapter of the book draws from provincial as well as grassroots level experiences. Quantitative and qualitative methods have been used to analyse strengths, weaknesses, hurdles and the efficacy of corrective measures. 


This book offers a remarkable insight to anyone who is interested in probing the causal relationship between science communication and China’s transformation into a modern society. The primary objective of the book is to analyse the nature of ‘science communication with Chinese characteristics’ and the specificity of the socio-cultural environment in which Science and Technology is located. Though the book is of particular interest to scholars, researchers, students and practitioners of science communication, the narrative style makes it accessible to the general reader who is interested in science-society relationship.

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XIV, 337 p. 9 illus., 6 illus. in color.

Science Popularisation Policies and Regulations in China.- Science Popularisation Among the Youth.- Science Popularisation among Farmers.- Science Popularisation among the Urban Working Class.- Science Popularisation among Urban Communities.- Science Popularisation among Party Leaders and Civil Servants.- Science Education and Training for Scientific Literacy.- Building Science Popularisation Resource Base.- Science and Technology through Mass Media.- Science Popularisation Infrastructure.- Development of Science Popularisation Workforce.- Science Communication Activities.- Citizens’ Scientific Literacy, Monitoring and Assessment.- Implementation of the Outline of National Scheme for Scientific Literacy.

Ren, Fujun;Ren
Yin, Lin;Yin
Raza, Gauhar;Raza
Explores China’s science communication under the national policy scheme

Analyzes science communication practices with Chinese characteristics and the special social context

Helps people in science and technology communication and popularization and related specialties

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Springer Singapore
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Fujun Ren,  the National Academy of Innovation Strategy,China Association for Science and Technology.

Fujun Ren completed doctor degree from Harbin Institute of Technology and post doctorate from Tsinghua University and is Professor and Doctoral Supervisor; State Council Expert for Special Allowance; Former President of China Research Institute for Science Popularization; Former Director of Survey and Propaganda Department, China Association for Science and Technology(CAST); Former Director of General Office, CAST; Present Director of the National Academy of Innovation Strategy, CAST; devoting almost twenty years to science popularization research, orientation: theories and practices for science and technology communication and popularization.

Lin Yin, the Department of International Affairs at China Association for Science and Technology.

Lin Yin, graduated from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and received her LittD in 2005. In the same year, she began her career in science communication research at the China Research Institute for Science Popularization (CRISP). She was a Senior Researcher and Deputy Director of the Division of Science Popularization Policy Research at CRISP. Currently, she works for the Department of International Affairs at China Association for Science and Technology. Yin Lin's research interests lie in the following fields: the history of science communication, popular science writing and publications, the mobilisation of scientists in science engagement and science culture in different social contexts. Both as team leader and core team member, she has been involved in more than 40 research projects in science communication. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and 10 reports/proceedings.

Gauhar Raza is Former Chief Scientist, National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR), CSIR, India, Professor, AcSIR, Founding Editor, Journal of Scientific Temper, and Director, Jahangirabad Media Institute. He has thirty-five-year experience in survey studies, research on public understanding of science and scientific temper. Raza’s study that proposes cultural distance model is based on longitudinal survey which he has carried out for the past thirty years in India. He has produced more than two hundred articles and research papers and 50 books and reports. Raza is a member of editorial board of many reputed academic journals and international bodies. He is also an established documentary filmmaker, a renowned poet and a TV personality who has produced and anchored many popular shows on national TV channels in India.
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Practice of communication and popularization of science and technology
1st ed. 2021
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China Science and Technology Press

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