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Minority Youth and Social Integration - The ISRD-3 Study in Europe and the US

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Springer International Publishing Minority Youth and Social Integration - The ISRD-3 Study in Europe and the US
Springer International Publishing - Minority Youth and Social Integration - The ISRD-3 Study in Europe and the US

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This book examines the processes for social integration and social cohesion among young people, drawing on data collected from the International Self-Report Delinquency (ISRD) study, which covered 35 studies.This report examines case studies from 5 selected countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States) to provide an in-depth comparative study.
Social integration processes are defined by sociologists as the mechanisms through which a society is held together, and populations are transformed into collectivities and communities. They are understood by criminologists to be an important factor in crime prevention, and factors such as peer groups and families are strong determinants of criminal behavior.
In a time when society, and particularly young people, can seem increasingly fragmented (due to new technologies, rapidly increasing migration, economic inequality, and increased individuation), the researchers in this volume seek to understand whether and how these phenomena affect young people, and how they may have an impact on the development of criminal and antisocial behavior.
This work will provide a framework for researchers in criminology and criminal justice, particularly with an interest in juveniles, developmental criminology, and crime prevention, as well as related fields such as sociology, social work, and demography.

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XV, 248 p. 48 illus., 24 illus. in color.
Chapter 1: How relations to institutions shape youth integration: ethno-religious minorities, national contexts and social cohesion.- Part One: Morality, bonding and families as sources of social cohesion.- Chapter 2: Shame and Wrong: Is there a common morality among young people in France, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the US?.- Chapter 3: Less social bonding, more problems? An international perspective on the behaviour of (migrant) youth.- Chapter 4: Parental Violence, Deprivation, and Migration Background.- Part Two: Institutions and social cohesion: the role of policing styles and schools.- Chapter 5: Religion and attitudes toward state organizations: the case of schools. A comparison across five countries.- Chapter 6: Direct and indirect influences of school system on youth delinquent offending among migrant and native-born students in eight countries.- Chapter 7: Trust in the police and police legitimacy through the eyes of teenagers.- Chapter 8: Perception of police unfairness amongst stigmatized groups: the impact of ethnicity, Islamic affiliation and neighbourhood.- Chapter 9: Teenagers’ perceptions of legitimacy and preparedness to break the law: the impact of migrant and ethnic minority status. 

Roché, Sebastian;Roché
Hough, Mike;Hough
Explores social cohesion and social integration among young people

Provides comparative, international research from 5 countries with framework for future studies

Examines the changing social antecedents of criminal and antisocial behavior

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Sebastian Roché is Research Professor at the National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), Sciences-Po, Grenoble-Alpes University, France. He has published research in the field of juvenile crime and criminal justice, and comparative policing, police legitimacy, and notably with Dietrich Oberwittler “Police citizen relations across the world”. He is the European editor of Policing and Society, and head of UPYC-France project.

Mike Hough is a Visiting Professor at the School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London. He founded and directed the Institute for Criminal Policy Research (ICPR) until his retirement in 2016. His research interests include: procedural justice theory; public perceptions of crime; crime measurement and crime trends; and sentencing. He was President of the British Society of Criminology from 2008 until 2011.

1st ed. 2018
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