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With an eye to the future

por Zalesskij, Boris
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Zalesskij, Boris With an eye to the future
Zalesskij, Boris - With an eye to the future

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In the Program of activities of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for the period until 2025, it is planned to pay great attention to the implementation of the strategy of regional development, so that by the end of the new five-year period the number of lagging behind regions in the country would be reduced by 18. To this end, it is planned to implement investment projects in towns and districts with the population of 80,000 or more to prepare industrial sites and create the infrastructure for setting up two-three new enterprises that have no analogues in the country, as well as to establish one or two medium-size industrial enterprises in each district. The regions lagging behind will be granted a certain set of benefits for the creation of new breakthrough industries, while efficiency will be the cornerstone for the launch of a new investment cycle. In other words, at least one new efficiently operating company is to appear in each region. It should be said that concrete steps are being taken to successfully implement the set plans in the Belarusian regions. How does it happen in practice? This is discussed in the materials of this study.


Zalesskij, Boris

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Boris ZalesskijProfessional'nyj opyt raboty w zhurnalistike - bolee soroka pqti let. Sejchas - docent kafedry mezhdunarodnoj zhurnalistiki fakul'teta zhurnalistiki Belorusskogo gosudarstwennogo uniwersiteta. Oblasti issledowanij: sowremennye mezhdunarodnye otnosheniq; mezhdunarodnaq zhurnalistika, mezhdunarodnaq äkonomika.
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Libro de bolsillo
Our Knowledge Publishing

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Libro de bolsillo
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7 de junio de 2021
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0.22 x 0.15 x 0.008 m; 0.263 kg
55,75 €
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