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Lips too chilled

por Basho, Matsuo
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Basho, Matsuo Lips too chilled
Basho, Matsuo - Lips too chilled

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'Nothing more lonely -'

A selection of Basho's most magical haiku

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Basho, Matsuo

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Penguin Books UK
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Basho, Matsuo
Matsuo Basho, the Japanese poet and diarist, was born in Iga-ueno near Kyoto in 1644. He began to write verse while studying as the companion of the son of the local lord, and continued to write when he moved to Edo (now Tokyo) in 1667. He eventually became a recluse, and on his travels relied on the hospitality of temples and fellow poets. His work was much influenced by Zen Buddhism.
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Nothing more lonely -'

A selection of Basho's most magical haiku

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