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Among the Wolves of Court

por Mackay, Lauren (Independent Historian, UK)
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Mackay, Lauren (Independent Historian, UK) Among the Wolves of Court
Mackay, Lauren (Independent Historian, UK) - Among the Wolves of Court

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Startling new insight into Tudor history, Brings to life previously two-dimensional characters in the Anne Boleyn story, Essential reading for fans of Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir and Tracy Boleyn


Mackay, Lauren (Independent Historian, UK)

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Mackay, LaurenDr Lauren Mackay is an historian, author, and lecturer specializing in the Tudor period and the broader Early Modern world, and whose focus of study goes beyond familiar historical figures to the customs and diplomacy of the 16th Century.
Dr Mackay's combined biography of the men seeks to dispel these notions through a committed act of scholarship - and I have to say, she entirely succeeds. Thomas the diplomat, the negotiator, the councillor, even Thomas the jouster, are explored in detail ... This work adds greatly to our understanding of the Boleyn family before Anne's rise, and the important diplomatic and foreign affairs that they were involved in. Tudor Times
List of PlatesAcknowledgementsIntroduction1. Men of Mark2. Fortune Ruleth our Helme3. A Courtier to his Fingertips4. Fortune, Infortune5. The Picklock of Princes6. Betwixt Two Princes7. The Balance of Power8. Declare, I Dare Not9. Treasonous Waters10. The Boleyn Enterprise11. Ainsi sera, groigne, qui groigne12. Nowe Thus13. Turning Tides14. Trying a Queen15. AftermathAppendixIAppendix IINotesSelect BibliographyIndex
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Dramatic new retelling of the Anne Boleyn tale, through the stories of her father and brother.
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Bloomsbury Academic

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