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Uriyah The Hittite

por Hammond, Michael
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Hammond, Michael Uriyah The Hittite
Hammond, Michael - Uriyah The Hittite

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Uriyah the Hittite is a narrative of God's call on a man, of his heeding the call, of his integrity and the price he paid.
The narrative opens in the land of the Hittites with Zohar, a Hittite charioteer, driving his chariot across the Anatolian Plateau towards the Taurus Mountains.
Zohar, whose father was a shepherd, has been fashioned by war into a skilled soldier and Chariot Squadron Commander in the Army of the Hittites.
Follow his journey from being a pagan, dedicated at birth to a demonic entity and then set free by the grace and love of God. God gives Zohar a new name … Uriyah (Yahweh is my Light) and calls him. Uriyah immediately heeds the call.
Travelling from the land of the Hittites to Israel, Uriyah encounters life changing adventures, rescues some of God's people and experiences profound and insightful conversations.
In Israel, he journeys to Jerusalem and to new opportunities and relationships. He discovers romance and God's rendezvous, encounters and destroys the works of darkness, performs heroic deeds as one of King David's mighty men and knows betrayal, heavenly lights and freedom.
The mighty men, warriors (of David were) ... Uriyah the Hittite." 1 Chronicles 11:26,41


Hammond, Michael

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