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Dialogue Analysis IX: Dialogue in Literature and the Media, Part 2: Media - Selected Papers from the 9th IADA Conference, Salzburg 2003

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De Gruyter Dialogue Analysis IX: Dialogue in Literature and the Media, Part 2: Media - Selected Papers from the 9th IADA Conference, Salzburg 2003
De Gruyter - Dialogue Analysis IX: Dialogue in Literature and the Media, Part 2: Media - Selected Papers from the 9th IADA Conference, Salzburg 2003

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These two volumes offer a selection of the papers held at the conference of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis (IADA) in 2003. Volume I contains 38 articles devoted to dialogue and the phenomenon of 'dialogicity' in literature, ranging from antiquity to a large number of modern languages and literatures. The conversation-analytic approaches drawn upon are notable for their methodological diversity. This is also true of the 32 articles in Volume II. The main focus here is on present-day types of dialogue in the new electronic media and their 'traditional' counterparts (press, radio, television, film). The examples are taken from various countries, and they are discussed in terms of the intercultural, semiotic, translatorial, and general pragmatic issues they pose.

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Monika Dannerer ist Assoziierte Professorin für Germanistische Linguistik am Fachbereich Germanistik der Universität Salzburg.
Contents: I. Plenaries: Catherine Kerbrat-Orecchioni, La confidence dans le roman-photo. - Christian Schmitt, >Dire l'interdit<. - II. Workshop: Intercultural media analysis: Raimund Schiess, Visualizing TV election nights across cultures. - Gerda Lauerbach, Election nights: Presenting practices. - Martin Hampel, Intersubjective positioning in election night discourse. - Annette Becker, Interviews in TV election night broadcasts. - Marjut Johansson, Represented discourse as a form of mediation. - Anita Fetzer, Non-acceptances in political interviews. British and German styles. - Dominique Desmarchelier, The French debate about immigration. - Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen/Karin Ajimer, >Of course< in British political interviews and its Dutch and Swedish counterparts. - Richard W. Janney/Andriy Yakovlyev, Cyberwar perception management in the Middle East. - Christoph Sauer, Christmas messages 1998 on radio and TV. - III. Individual Papers: 1. Dialogue and Dialogicity in printed Media: Zohar Livnat, Dialogue in the public discourse in Israel. - Jana Hoffmannová, Interview in Zeitungen und Zeitschriften. - Kamila Karhanová, Rhetorical question in polemical media dialogue. - Laura Sergo, Bewertende und metasprachliche Elemente in der Übersetzung von Zeitungsinterviews. - Lawrence N. Berlin, Media manipulation. - Stefanie Schnöring, Personnel advertisements. - 2. Dialogue and Dialogicity in Radio, Television and Film: Anamaria Harvey/Luisa Granato, Discussions in the media. - Adriana Bolívar, Venezuelan political dialogue. - Margareta Magda, Zur argumentativen Funktion der Gesprächsformeln. - Diana Ghido, Fragmentation in talk shows. - Laurentia Dascalu-Jinga, Other-correction in TV talk shows. - Claudia Bubel, The linguistic representation of women in »Sex and the City«. - Gerhard Pisek, The translation of comic dialogue. - 3. Dialogue and Dialogicity in New Media: Hélène Labbe/Michel Marcoccia, Du billet au courrier électronique. - Hassan Atifi, Les dialogues électroniques entre Marocains. - Stefania Stame, Marques pragmatiques et marques de l'oral. - Amelia Manuti/Michaela Cortini/Giuseppe Mininni, The diatextual rhetoric of e-recruitment. - 4. General Aspects of Dialogue and Dialogicity: Ana I. Moreno Fernández, Perceiving coherence and text structure. - Liana Pop, De l'acte aux activités: les séquences. - Shuxue Zhang, Accented argumentum ad hominem in mediated dialogues.
Reprint 2012
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