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Keats's Places

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Springer International Publishing Keats's Places
Springer International Publishing - Keats's Places

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As the essays in this volume reveal, Keats’s places could be comforting, familiar, grounding sites, but they were also shifting, uncanny, paradoxical spaces where the geographical comes into tension with the familial, the touristic with the medical, the metropolitan with the archipelagic. Collectively, the chapters in Keats’s Places range from the claustrophobic stands of Guy’s Hospital operating theatre to the boneshaking interior of the Southampton mail coach; from Highland crags to Hampstead Heath; from crowded city interiors to leafy suburban lanes. Offering new insights into the complex registrations of place and the poetic imagination, the contributors to this book explore how the significant places in John Keats’s life helped to shape an authorial identity.

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XVI, 305 p. 16 illus.
1. Introduction: Keats's Coordinates - Richard Margraff Turley.- 2. John Keats at Winchester - Nicholas Roe.- 3. Keats, Shoots and Leaves - Fiona Stafford.- 4. Keats, the Vale of Health, and the Gentle Gendering of Cockney Coteries - Greg Kucich.- 5. Keats's Muses "In the midst of Meg Merrilies' country": Meg, Mnemosyne, Moneta and Autumn - Heidi Thomson.- 6. Keats's American Ode - Grant F. Scott.- 7. "The End and Aim of Poesy": Keats and Shelley in Dialogue - Michael O'Neill.- 8. Wentworth Place: "A Small Cottage, Pleasantly Situate" - Kenneth Page.- 9. Poetic Genealogies: Keats's Northern Walking Tour - Meiko O'Halloran.- 10. Keats Underway - Richard Margraff Turley.- 11. Keats at Guy's Hospital: Moments, Meetings, Choices and Poems - Hrileena Ghosh.- 12. Keats's "Natural Sculptures": Geology, Vitality and the Scottish Walking Tour - Alexandra Paterson.- 13. Writ in Water, Etched in Stone: John Keats and the Experience of Rome.
Marggraf Turley, Richard;Marggraf Turley
Features impressive line-up of internationally renowned Keats scholars

Investigates the relation between Keats’s real and imagined places

Demonstrates that that Keats’s travels were not only opportunities to retire and find a “fair atmosphere to think in” away from the noise and dirt of London, but also represented intellectually rigorous, emotionally impactful engagements with material conditions at various sites across Britain

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Richard Marggraf Turley is Professor of Romantic Literature at Aberystwyth University, UK. He is author of several books on the Romantic poets, including Keats’s Boyish Imagination (2004), Bright Stars: John Keats, Barry Cornwall and Romantic Literary Culture (2009), and with Jayne Archer and Howard Thomas, Food and the Literary Imagination (2015). He is also author of a novel set in 1810, The Cunning House (2015). In 2007, he won the Keats-Shelley Prize for poetry.


"The essays in this ranging and enlightening volume remind us that, however freely his imagination roamed, Keats remained, always, locally attached, and anchored in the living and breathing reality of the world in which he lived." (Chris Townsend, The BARS Review, Vol. 55, 2020)

1st ed. 2018
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