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Insight into Neuromarketing

por Shaikh, Md. Sadique
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Shaikh, Md. Sadique Insight into Neuromarketing
Shaikh, Md. Sadique - Insight into Neuromarketing

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By applying neuroscience-based principles, you'll be able to create marketing messaging and visuals that better connect with your target audience.As the name suggests, neuromarketing means the application of brain-based research to the discipline of marketing in general and digital marketing in particular. It involves the use of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), the measurement of brain electrical activity or other technologies used to measure people's responses to marketing creative, such as copywriting, product descriptions, pricing, packaging, and advertising. Rresearchers may find that a particular stimulus causes a response in the brains of test subjects that's correlated with a desired behavior (e.g. the release of a 'feel good' hormone). Obviously, as a marketer, you'd want to know these cause-effect relationships so that you can apply the principles to your creative, and thereby drive improvements to your key conversion metrics. This book explains all about how effectively neuroscience practices can be useful and implementable in Marketing and consumer behaviour.


Shaikh, Md. Sadique

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Shaikh, Md. SadiqueProf.(Dr.) Md. Sadique Shaikh is Director, Scientist and international author with 72 books, 140 research papers and 130 conferences talks and presentations. He is qualified in M.S(ES), MBA(HRM), MBA(MM), PGDM, M.Tech(IT) followed by M.Phil, Doctorate in Management Studies DNS(International Business) and Ph.D. He is Editor/Reviewer/Chief Editor/OCM
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2 de agosto de 2021
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