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Apress Practical Android 4 Games Development software manual English 320 pages

por Jerome DiMarzio
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Jerome DiMarzio Apress Practical Android 4 Games Development software manual English 320 pages
Jerome DiMarzio - Apress Practical Android 4 Games Development software manual English 320 pages

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Practical Android 4 Games Development continues your journey to becoming a hands-on Android game apps developer. This title guides you through the process of designing and developing game apps that work on both smartphones and tablets, thanks to the new Android SDK 4.0 which merges the User Interface and Experience APIs and more.
The author, J.F. DiMarzio, has written eight books, including Android: A Programmer’s Guide—the first Android book approved by Google—recently updated and translated for sale in Japan. He has an easy-to-read, concise, and logical writing style that is well suited for teaching complex technologies like the Java-based Android.
From 2D-based casual games to 3D OpenGL-based first-person shooters, you find that learning how to create games on the fastest growing mobile platform has never been easier.
- Create 2D and 3D games for Android 4.0 phones and tablets such and the Motorola Xoom
- Build your own reusable “black box” for game development
- Easy-to-follow examples make creating the sample games a hands-on experience
What you’ll learn
- How to design and develop compelling 2D and 3D games
- How to create rich environments and characters
- How to do collision detection
- How to add realism to your games with basic game physics
- How to create a gaming “black box” that can be reused
- How to play your games on Android phones and tablets
Who this book is for
This book is for aspiring Android game app developers who are ready to move beyond beginning level books or tutorials on Android game building.


Jerome DiMarzio

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XIV, 320 p.

  1. Welcome to Andriod Gaming

  2. Star Fighter: A 2-D shooter

  3. Press Start: Making a Menu

  4. Drawing the Environment

  5. Creating Your Character

  6. Adding the Enemies

  7. Adding Basic Enemy Artifical Intelligence 

  8. Defend yourself!

  9. Publishing Your Game

  10. BlobHunter: Creating 3-D Games

  11. Create an Immersive Environment

  12. Navigating the 3-D Environment 

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Apress Practical Android 4 Games Development. Genre: Development software, Language version: English, Number of pages: 320 pages

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37,54 €
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