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Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault

por Barry J. Scherr
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Barry J. Scherr Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault
Barry J. Scherr - Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault

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Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault is the first full-length study of Foucault and the Foucaultians not to look at them from a quasi-hagiographical perspective. The Lawrentian point of view employed here to deal with Foucault and his oeuvre is utterly unique, imaginative, and efficacious in explicating/demystifying Foucaultian theory, while at the same time promoting Barry J. Scherr’s courageous, indefatigable project of «restoring» D. H. Lawrence to his rightfully and supremely high place in the pantheon of great British literature. Rebellious and unconventional yet scholarly and mature, Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault is the bravest and most unorthodox study of Foucault to date. It is a worthy addition to Scherr’s previous literary-cultural studies, D. H. Lawrence Today and D. H. Lawrence’s Response to Plato. A supremely lively, incisive, lucid, and profound critique, Love and Death in Lawrence and Foucault is indispensable to students and scholars of Lawrence and Foucault alike.


Barry J. Scherr

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The Author: Barry J. Scherr has published over a dozen articles on D. H. Lawrence. He is the author of D. H. Lawrence’s Response to Plato (Lang, 1996) and D. H. Lawrence Today (Lang, 2004), the latter having recently been praised as «exhilarating…hardhitting… intricate…incisive…heartening…forceful…and detailed» (Forum For Modern Language Studies) as well as «striking and unorthodox…entertaining, compelling and…infuriating» (Year’s Work in English Studies). Dr. Scherr received his Ph.D. in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo.
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