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Migration to and from Welfare States - Lived Experiences of the Welfare–Migration Nexus in a Globalised World

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Springer International Publishing Migration to and from Welfare States - Lived Experiences of the Welfare–Migration Nexus in a Globalised World
Springer International Publishing - Migration to and from Welfare States - Lived Experiences of the Welfare–Migration Nexus in a Globalised World

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This open access book explores the role of family, public, market and third sector welfare provision for individual and households’ decisions regarding geographical mobility. It challenges the state-centred approach in research on welfare and migration by emphasising migrants’ own reflections and experiences. It asks whether and in which ways different welfare concerns are part of migrants’ decisions regarding (or aspirations for) mobility. Employing a transnational and a translocal perspective, the book addresses different forms of geographical mobility, such as immigration, emigration, and re-migration, circular and return migration. By bringing in empirical findings from across a variety of Western and non-Western contexts, the book challenges the Eurocentric focus in current debates and contributes to a more nuanced and more integrated global account of the welfare-migration nexus.

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XI, 235 p. 1 illus.
Biografía del artista:
Oleksandr Ryndyk is a Researcher at the Centre for Intercultural Communication at VID Specialized University, Norway. He holds a Master's degree in International Economics and a joint European Master’s in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR). He has researched a broad range of migration-related topics, such as social-welfare protection and the integration of intra-European migrants, the labour-market integration of refugees, gender roles, equality and child-rearing practices among migrants, the integration of 1.5-generation migrants, family counselling and conflict resolution among migrant families.

Brigitte Suter is a Senior Researcher and Lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) at Malmö University, Sweden. She has researched a wide range of migration-related topics and has extensive experience in qualitative, interpretative research methods. Her research interests include (im)mobility, social networks, the transformative potential of migration, ethnography, the mobility of highly skilled migrants in the global economy and the role of norms and rights in the field of migration and integration.

Gunhild Odden is Professor of Research in Migration Studies and Vice Dean for Research at VID Specialized University in Stavanger, Norway. She holds a PhD in Sociology and a Master’s in International Migration and Interethnic Relations, both from the University of Poitiers, France. Her research interests include transnational migration dynamics, migratory trajectories, migration and family life and migration and social mobility. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Spain, Norway and Senegal.


Chapter 1. Welfare and Mobility: Migrants’ Experiences of Social Welfare Protection in Transnational and Translocal Spaces.- Chapter 2. The Mobility of the Elderly and Family-Based Care: A Case Study of Chinese Migrant Grand(Parents).- Chapter 3. Keeping It in the Family: Rotating Chains in Women's Transnational Care Work between Italy and Ukraine.- Chapter 4.- From Familial Pressure to Seeking One’s Fortune: Chinese International Students’ Search for Geographical and Social Mobility as a Response to Societal and Familial Pressures.- Chapter 5. ‘He Has a Better Chance Here, So We Stay’. Children's Education and Parental Migration Decisions.- Chapter 6. Settling for Welfare? Shifting the Welfare Access, Migration and Settlement Aspirations of Filipina Single Mothers in Japan.- Chapter 7. Labour Mobility from Eastern European Welfare States: Zooming in on Romania and Slovakia.- Chapter 8. Welfare Considerations Underpinning Healthcare Workers’ Decision about Migration: The Case of Slovenia.- Chapter 9. When the Expatriate Wife Returns Home: Swedish Women Navigating National Welfare Politics and Ideals of Gender Equality in Expatriate Family Migration.- Chapter 10. (Im)mobility Patterns among Polish Unemployed Migrants in Iceland Navigating Different Welfare Regimes.- Chapter 11. Puzzling Social Protection across Several Countries: Opportunistic Strategy or Risky Compensation?.- Chapter 12. Beloved Land, Beloved Family: The Role of Welfare in Timorese Migration to England.- Chapter 13. Securing Old-Age Pensions across Borders: Sudanese Transnational Families across the Netherlands, the UK and Sudan.

1st ed. 2021
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Ryndyk, Oleksandr;Ryndyk
Suter, Brigitte;Suter
Odden, Gunhild;Odden
This open access book discussed the global welfare-migration nexus

Brings empirical findings from across a variety of non-Western contexts

Provides an overview on different forms of geographical mobility

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