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Sahih Muslim (Volume Six)

por Muslim, Imam Abul-Husain
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Muslim, Imam Abul-Husain Sahih Muslim (Volume Six)
Muslim, Imam Abul-Husain - Sahih Muslim (Volume Six)

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The collection of Prophetic sayings known as Sahih Muslim, is the second most authoritative collection in Islam. It is taught all over the world and forms part of every Islamic library - be it personal, local or national - in the world. Once complete, this set of books will be the only English translation of the commentary and hadiths on the market. The compiler of the hadiths, Imam Muslim, is a household name amongst Muslims, who is famed for assessing and collating the most trust-worthy and reliable traditions of the Prophet Muhammad. Very few Muslims in Islamic history come anywhere near his level of influence or importance. The striking feature about this edition is it includes a full commentary. The commentary author Imam Nawawi is another one of the most trusted traditional voices on Islam (in history). This work is recognised by Shafi Muslims, one of the largest groups of Sunni Muslims in the world, as foundational to their school of thought. By translating, the original work and the commentary together, this pioneering work of scholarship will aid understanding amongst interested English readers, whilst also being a desirable book for libraries and academics. Kube is well connected in the Muslim world and will seek endorsements and publicity. Should this book receive strong support it will become the definitive English edition.


Muslim, Imam Abul-Husain

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Adil Salahi is a scholar, author and translator, who has written or translated into English various books on Islam. After working for the BBC Arabic Service for several years, he worked for the Arabic daily, al-Sharq al-Awsat. He continues to publish many Articles in various Publications including , Arab News, a an English daily published in Saudi Arabia. Adil Salahi taught at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicester, England. His popular biography of the Prophet, Muhammad: Man and Prophet, is widely respected and has been translated into multiple languages.
Salahi, Adil
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18 de enero de 2022
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