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Renaissance in the Low Countries

por Betascript Publishing
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Betascript Publishing Renaissance in the Low Countries
Betascript Publishing - Renaissance in the Low Countries

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Renaissance in the Low Countries is the cultural period that roughly corresponds to the 16th century in the Low Countries. In 1500 the Seventeen Provinces were in a personal union under the Burgundian Dukes, and with the Flemish cities as centers of gravity, culturally and economically formed one of the richest parts of Europe. During the course of the century the region also experienced significant changes. The union with Spain under Charles V, Humanism and Reformation led to a rebellion against the Spanish rule and the start of the religious war. By the end of the 16th century the northern and southern Netherlands were effectively split. While this fracture was reflected in the visual arts by the Dutch Golden Age in the north and the Flemish Baroque in the south, other areas of thought remained associated with 16th century currents of Renaissance thought. Gradually, the balance of power shifted away from the Southern Netherlands, which remained under Spanish authority, to the emerging Dutch Republic.

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Surhone, Lambert M.
Timpledon, Miriam T.
Marseken, Susan F.
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Betascript Publishing

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