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Black Women in Management - Paid Work and Family Formations

por Diane Chilangwa Farmer
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Diane Chilangwa Farmer Black Women in Management - Paid Work and Family Formations
Diane Chilangwa Farmer - Black Women in Management - Paid Work and Family Formations

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Black Women in Management identifies some of the differences and/or similarities that exist between these women's career choices and progression and explores how they address socio-cultural and gendered expectations of domestic, social and caring commitments as career women living and working in two urban cities – one African, the other European.


Diane Chilangwa Farmer

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VIII, 224 p.
1. Feminist Theory, Organisational Theory and Black African Women 2. Feminism and the Intersection of Gender, Race/Ethnicity and Class in Black Women's Lives 3. Women in Professional and Managerial Occupations: An Overview 4. Feminist Theory and Researching the Other 5. South African Employment Equity Policies: Success or Failure? 6. UK Employment Equity Policies and Their Transnational Recipients 7. Career Woman, Mother, Wife or Daughter: Untangling the Web and Finding a Balance 8. Where to From Here
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Dr Diane Chilangwa Farmer is Research Associate at Kingston University Business School, UK, and Trustee for charity African Revival UK. She holds an MSc in Gender, Culture and Politics from Birkbeck University of London, UK, and a PhD in Gender and Work from the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. Born in Zambia, Diane was educated and has resided in the Middle East, United States and Africa. Prior to moving to the UK, she worked for the Financial Times as their Business Representative for South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Her research interests include the impact of gender, race, ethnicity and class in an organizational environment, professional and managerial black African women, and examining the work and family lives of women in management.
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