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India–Vietnam Relations - Development Dynamics and Strategic Alignment

por Reena Marwah
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Reena Marwah India–Vietnam Relations - Development Dynamics and Strategic Alignment
Reena Marwah - India–Vietnam Relations - Development Dynamics and Strategic Alignment

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This book provides an in-depth analysis of the close cultural links between India and Vietnam. It discusses the issues of trade negotiations under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Indo-Pacific construct. Issues such as strengthening the economic partnership, contemporary development challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including weakening supply chains, and geo-strategic tensions are explored in this book. It enriches understanding of the potential of the two countries to develop as manufacturing hubs for the region and beyond. Given the more aggressive posturing by China in 2020, the concluding chapter includes the policy prescriptions with a futuristic vision, for India and Vietnam to catalyze their strategic and bilateral partnership. Well researched and analytical, the book draws extensively from several interviews of experts, diplomats, journalists, businesspersons, and members of the diaspora. It is a must read for students, researchers, think tanks, area study centers, and all institutions engaged in Asian studies, encompassing narratives extending from the developmental to political, from the bilateral to the multilateral and from the geo-economic to the geo-strategic.


Reena Marwah
Lê Thị Hằng Nga

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XXXV, 199 p. 15 illus., 13 illus. in color.
Chapter 1. Histories, affinities, and leaders: Vietnam-India political and diplomatic ties
Chapter 2. India - Vietnam cultural linkages

Chapter 3. Foreign policies of Vietnam and India: Articulating convergences

Chapter 4. India-Vietnam: economic relations and development dynamics

Chapter 5. India – Vietnam Partnership in science, technology, and innovation

Chapter 6. Multilateral engagement: envisioning a peaceful, cooperative multilateral architecture

Chapter 7. The China challenge: strategic and security cooperation

Chapter 8. Vietnam and india: a futuristic perspective

Analyzes geopolitical implications of the India–Vietnam relationship with China

Is the first book to provide a futuristic narrative on India–Vietnam relations

Provides primary information sourced through interviews of scholars, experts, and policymakers

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Springer Singapore
Biografía del artista:
Reena Marwah (M.Phil., Delhi University; Ph.D., India, International Business) is Professor at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. Among her research interests are international relations issues of China, South East Asia, and India. In addition to several chapters and articles published in books/journals, she is Author/ Co-author/Co-editor of 15 books and monographs including On China by India: From a Civilization to a Nation State, 2012, (Cambria Press, USA); Transforming South Asia :Imperatives for Action, (Knowledge World, India) 2014; The Global Rise of Asian Transformation, (Palgrave Macmillan) 2014. Her latest co-edited book is China Studies in South and Southeast Asia: Pro-China, Objectivism, and Balance, (2018) Editors: Chih-yu Shih, Prapin Manomaiviboo, and Reena Marwah; (World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore). Her most recent books are Re-imagining India Thailand Relations: A multilateral and bilateral perspective 
(2020) and China's Economic Footprint in South and Southeast Asia (2021). Both books are published by World Scientific Publishers, Singapore. She is Founding Editor of Millennial Asia, a tri-annual journal on Asian Studies of the Association of Asia Scholars, published by SAGE.

Dr. Lê Thị Hằng Nga is Deputy Editor-in-chief, in charge of Journal for Indian and Asian Studies, Institute for Indian and Southwest Asian Studies (VIISAS), Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). Her research areas include Indian history, foreign policy and relations, Indian thought and philosophy, Vietnam-India relations. She has been coordinator and presenter at many international conferences in Vietnam, India, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan. She has published many articles in domestic and international peer-reviewed journals. Some of her recent published books include: “India’s Relations with some Regional Countries and Implications for Vietnam” (Editor, Social Science Publishing House, Hanoi, 2020); “Indo-US Relations (1947–1991)” (Author, Political and Truth Publishing House, Hanoi, 2018); “Buddhist Women with Journalism” (Coeditors, Social Science Publishing House, 2021); “Hind Swaraj—Indian Home Rule” in Vietnamese (Translator, Social Science Publishing House, 2021).
1st ed. 2021
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