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RANSOMWARE Emergence of Cyber Attacks Threat

por Singh, Pawan
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Singh, Pawan RANSOMWARE Emergence of Cyber Attacks Threat
Singh, Pawan - RANSOMWARE Emergence of Cyber Attacks Threat

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Ransomware are regarded as the most dangerous of malware. While few of them definitely are sophisticated and destructive. With the fast increase in cyber crimes there is a fear among users of falling prey to various malware but with a sound knowledge and regular up-gradation a lot of such casualties can be avoided. most ransomware today do not lie in the category of hardest-to-catch since the idea behind their making is to earn easy and quick profit hence no advanced surgical tools are used in their making. Ransomware by definition is an assortment of malware that stops as well as limits a client from getting to their own framework either by verifying their screen or bolting the spared records of that framework until the asked payoff isn't paid. In this book, we are dealing with different categories of ransomwares, how and when they were found, what exactly their impact was globally and how they can be avoided. We also be discuss prerequisites that a user needs to be educated about while dealing with the cyber world.


Singh, Pawan
Khan, Baseem

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Dr Pawan Singh (B.E., M.Tech., PhD) is with Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow. Dr Baseem Khan (B.Tech., M.Tech., PhD) is with Institute of Technology, Hawassa University, Ethiopia.Common Research Interests: Mining, IoT, S/W Metric,Computing, Energy Management, Scheduling, Security, Optimization, Power System & Planning, Smart Grid.
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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17 de enero de 2020
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