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Innovation performance accounting - Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes

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Springer Berlin Innovation performance accounting - Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes
Springer Berlin - Innovation performance accounting - Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes

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For successful innovation in business the responsible managers need a consistent view of the individual processes as well as an assessment of key projects in all phases of the development. Generating new ideas, fast examination of its feasibility requires skilled methods for evaluation of these ideas, plans and especially costs and revenues.

Business models, calculation methods and some assessments of certain options are presented by the authors. The ability to identify risks and appropriate responses to misperceptions are important milestones in the innovation process. From analysis of problems to the introduction of market-ready solutions, legal requirements, business demands and risk management systems are discussed. Concepts promoting uniform, binding rules for ratings in the innovation process are treated. The identification of target pricing, target costing and litigation, the evaluation of the solution to calculate risk aspects as tasks in financial management and innovation controlling are part of the content.

The authors demonstrate that any innovation in different industries requires a strategic and financial project management. Monetary assessment of the individual processes, a detailed patent portfolio and accounts management for innovation processes are of enormous importance. The book is completed by applications of the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Concept with practical examples from the innovation projects in pharmaceutical and technical business.

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XVI, 453 p.
to Innovation Performance Accounting.- Product Innovativeness in Success Factor Research – Influencing Factor or Contingency Factor?.- Financial Evaluation of Innovations: Structure and Implementation. An Analysis Using a Case Study from the Telecommunications Industry.- Credit Ratings and Assessments as a Form of Innovation Profitability Analysis for Innovative Technology-Oriented (Start-Up) Businesses.- Innovation Profitability Analysis in the Assessment of Pharmaceutical R&D Projects.- Innovation as Patent Evaluation and Accounting Problem.- Fundamental Principles in the Valuation of Intangible Assets, Taking the Valuation of Technologies Protected by Patents as an Example.- Reporting R&D Activities in Accordance with IFRS.- Intellectual Property Management/Patentmanagement.- Strategic IP Management for the Protection of Innovations.- Innovation Performance Accounting in the Context of Strategic Technology Management.- Technology Cost Analysis.- Technology Balance Sheet.- The Evaluation of Inventions and Innovations with the Technology Portfolio – Prolegomena about Metrics for Inventions and Innovations.- Resources – Evaluation of Innovation Projects Between “Lean” and “Slack”.- Target Costing and Process Innovation Costs as Operating Cost of Technology Management and Innovation Marketing.- Conjoint-Based Measurement of Benefits of Product Functions and Generation of Target Prices1.- On the Integration of Target Costing and Process Costing into the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Approach, as Illustrated by Development and Design Projects in the Car and Mechanical Engineering Industry.- Technology Strategies Evaluation as General Concept for Innovation (The “Berlin Balanced Scorecard Approach”).- Innovation Marketing Profitability Analysis Within the Framework of the Berlin Balanced Scorecard Approach from the Point of View of a Finance-Oriented Customer Value Analysis.
Schmeisser, Wilhelm;Schmeisser
Mohnkopf, Hermann;Mohnkopf
Hartmann, Matthias;Hartmann
Metze, Gerhard;Metze
A new approach presenting the financial evaluation of innovation processes in various technological businesses

Financial evaluation of patents or R D-plans

Based on European as well as US rules (IFRS balancing)

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With contributions of numerous experts

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