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Characteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes

por Upadhya, Bhanu
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Upadhya, Bhanu Characteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes
Upadhya, Bhanu - Characteristics and Control of the Motor System in E-bikes

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The world has developed enormously, but at the cost of the environment, therefore our attempt in this work is just to promote environmental safety accordingly we took vehicle that is economically affordable, easy and used by almost all. Normal Bicycle has some weaknesses seen when we travel difficult terrains, whereas e-bike has managed to reduce many of those weaknesses. It runs on batteries which we charge in normal household socket, the power runs approximately 60 km per charge, it needs around 6-8 hours to charge completely, which we can easily do while we are sleeping. It is a very efficient means when we need to travel short-distance and inner city ride. Just for instance if we need some item, we immediately try by car, it is expensive and environmentally costly, because of scarce fuel's waste. Besides, the power and capacity meant for four peoples' ride but using by one most of the time, making it always an expensive choice. But when we ride e-bike for similar purposes, its not just easy to ride, comfortable for everyone, but affordable means for all. By doing this we not save fuel, we save everything, Earth, money, environment, health, future, eventually prosperity.


Upadhya, Bhanu
Altoumaimi, Thelal
Altoumaimi, Rasha

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Bhanu Prasad Upadhya, as a student, completed Bachelor degrees in various disciplines, such as 'humanities', 'education' and now in 'engineering'. He also tried Master Study in 'economics'. He has written many articles, newspaper reports, and intellectual books (publishing in future). As a person he wishes prosperity so involving in social service.
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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1 de septiembre de 2014
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34,88 €
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