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p53 in the Clinics

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Springer US p53 in the Clinics
Springer US - p53 in the Clinics

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This project follows on the success of the book "25 years of p53", published by Springer in 2006. Since this publication, there have been considerable advances on the potential application of p53 into the clinics. The goal of this book is to capture these developments and to appeal to a clinical and medical audience beyond the one which was the primary target of "25 years of p53".

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X, 358 p.
Foreword.- p53 activities and the hallmarks of cancer.- The inheritance of p53.- p53: Guardian of the metabolome.- The p53 family and stem cell biology.- Mutant p53-driven tumorigenesis.- Humanized p53 mouse models.- p53 models for mammary carcinogenesis.- TP53 somatic mutations: Prognostic and predictive value in human cancers.- Assessing TP53 status in human tumors - lessons from breast cancer.- TP53 germline mutations: Genetics of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.- TP53 gene therapy.- Upstream targets in the p53 pathway.- p53-reactivating molecules as research tools and anti-cancer drugs.- Restoring mutant p53 activity.- p53-immunotherapy of cancer.- Designing p53 trials: a surgical oncologist view.- p53 in the clinic: a pathologist view.- p53 in genetic counseling.- Index.
Hainaut, Pierre;Hainaut
Olivier, Magali;Olivier
Wiman, Klas G.;Wiman
Focuses on recent advances in translational research on p53

Explores the significance of the genetic diversity of p53

Discusses mutations as biomarkers in molecular pathology

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Building on the success of the 2006 book "25 years of p53", this book reviews the uses of p53 as a key tumor suppressor and component of novel cancer therapy and details considerable advances in the potential application of p53 into the clinics.

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