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Researching the History of Mathematics Education - An International Overview

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Springer International Publishing Researching the History of Mathematics Education - An International Overview
Springer International Publishing - Researching the History of Mathematics Education - An International Overview

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This book offers insights into the history of mathematics education, covering both the current state of the art of research and the methodology of the field. History of mathematics education is treated in the book as a part of social history. This book grew out of the presentations delivered at the International Congress on Mathematics Education in Hamburg. Modern development and growing internationalization of mathematics education made it clear that many urgent questions benefit from a historical approach.

The chapters present viewpoints from the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia,Spain and Sweden. Each chapter represents significant directions of historical studies.

The book is a valuable source for every historian of mathematics education and those interested in mathematics education and its development.

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XV, 314 p. 60 illus.
The Hamburg Score.- Influences from the 1959 Royaumont Seminar Proposals on arithmetic and algebra teaching at lower-secondary level in Iceland.- Real numbers in school: 1960s experiments in France and Brazil.- The revolution in mathematics education during the Meiji era (1868-1912) A study of the textbooks used to teach computation, geometry and algebra.- Early Experiments with Modern Mathematics in Belgium Advanced Mathematics Taught from Childhood?.- The role of a journal on teaching mathematics and sciences issued at the beginning of the 20th century in professionalizing Italian primary school teachers.- Russian mathematics teachers, 1830-1880: Toward a group portrait.- Arithmetic patterns in the Arithmetic of Petros Argyros.- Frans van Schooten Sr. (1581-1645) lecture notes for the  first Dutch course for engineers, Leiden, 1600-1681.- Arithmetic in the Spanish Army at the end of the 19th century: The textbooks by Salinas and Benítez.- The New Math and school governance: An explanation of the decline of the New Math in Sweden.- History of mathematics instruction in colonial and early post-colonial Cambodia.- Patterns for studying history of mathematics: A case study of Germany.- A teacher of mathematics in times of change.- Visual representations of arithmetical operations performed with counting instruments in Chinese mathematical treatises.
Furinghetti, Fulvia;Furinghetti
Karp, Alexander;Karp
Shares an international overview, highlighting less researched countries

Discusses different methodology approaches

Brings together the latest research in the history of mathematics education

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1st ed. 2018
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