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Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation

por Anderson, Terry L.
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Anderson, Terry L. Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation
Anderson, Terry L. - Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation

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This book provides a vision for environmentalism's future, based on the success of environmental entrepreneurs around the world. The work provides the next generation of environmental market ideas and the chapters are co-authored with young scholars and policy analysts who represent the next generation of environmental leaders.


Anderson, Terry L.
Leal, Donald R.

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XIII, 200 p. 2 illus.
1. Visions of Environmentalism 2. Rethinking the Way We Think 3. Who Owns the Environment? 4. This Land Is Whose Land? 5. Prospecting for Energy and the Environment 6. Tapping Water Markets 7. Fencing the Fishery 8. Calling on Communities 9. Enviropreneurship in Action 10. Frontiers of Free Market Environmentalism
"When it comes to tackling environmental problems, no one is more innovative than Terry Anderson. He combines a sure grasp of economic theory with a keen sense for what works in the real world. With lucid prose and compelling stories, he offers a fresh approach to saving the planet and helping humanity in the process." - John Tierney, Journalist, New York Times, USA
"Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation examines how the greatest hope for progress in dealing with the conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment is to be found in the striving of individuals to realize the mutual gains from exchange and the dynamic and creative innovation in the market economy. It is a brilliant exposition full of well argued points and clearly illustrated examples demonstrating why the solution to our social tensions and woes is to be found in entrepreneurial creativity and private initiative rather than government regulation and public sector intervention. This is a must read for every college student (and their professors) if we hope to have a rational discussion in this too often emotionally charged area." Peter Boettke, Professor of Economics and Philosophy, George Mason University, USA

"This book offers an optimistic framework for linking healthy environments with dynamic economies using property rights and markets to provide incentives for good resource stewardship. Through many examples, this book shows how free market environmentalism addresses environmental challenges and overcomes market constraints." Kameran L. Onley, Director of U.S. Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy, USA

Anderson, T.;Anderson
Leal, D.;Leal
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Katy Hansen Laura Huggins Holly Lipke Fretwell Shawn Regan Brandon Scarborough Lawrence Watson

"Editors Anderson and Leal, along with this volume's contributors, make a strong argument for the cautious use of private property rights to alleviate the environmental issues people face. ... This book is extremely easy to read and will be an interesting ancillary text for a course on environmental economics, politics, or policy. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty." (B. J. Peterson, Choice, Vol. 53 (12), August, 2016)

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