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Treasure of Zoology: Entomological Worth

por LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Treasure of Zoology: Entomological Worth
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing - Treasure of Zoology: Entomological Worth

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The vegetables, gardening fruits, animals mostly broiler, buffalo, goat, sheep meat and milk are being consumed to make good health. If there are pure animals, those will fulfill the prerequisite of sustenance for human being. Otherwise, adulterated and contaminated foods and fruits may impose the human body. Besides, extreme utilize of insecticides however, has caused resistance in many types of pests in various crops including cotton, and the every day used vegetables and fruits, are all become a source of various serious contamination with the over headed used insecticides. This may some time the problem of environmental pollution which ultimately effects to human beings and other animals. So the much attention is strained to the need for rational use of safe management of various confused insects. Agriculture and the live stock in connection with Zoological research has been based over the pure research with their findings, argument discussion and critical suggestions are been worth written in this 4th book for the betterment of new Zoological researchers especially; focused on the Entomological aspects.

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Dr. Hakim Ali Sahito born in a small village; Kouro Khan Sahito on First April, 1978, Distt. Noushahro Feroze - Sindh and secured BSc. MSc. PhD and Post Doc. (Entomology) from his homeland country. He worked in different research and teaching fields (ARI. Tandojam, CABI. International, LUAWMS. Uthal, SAU. Tandojam and SALU, Khairpur).
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Sahito, Hakim Ali
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Tapa blanda
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Libro de bolsillo
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12 de julio de 2016
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67,58 €
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