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This hour-long debut episode of The Slim Shady Show introduces you to Eminem's animated world and the many characters that populate it. Perhaps most similar to South Park of all other cartoons, The Slim Shady Show takes a dark comedy approach, employing a disparaging and often sarcastic look at the world. If you're familiar with Eminem's music and, in particular, his sense of humor, you'll find this cartoon very similar. It's a little toned down relative to songs like "Bonnie and Clyde '97" or "Kill You," but this is still a fairly edgy and controversy-igniting cartoon intended to humor you as much as shock you. Some of the featured characters include Ken Kaniff, Dave, and Big D, along with Eminem, of course. Though The Slim Shady Show isn't nearly as humorous and nowhere near as intelligent as South Park or The Simpsons, it tries to be. Fans of this sort of animated humor may be able to appreciate this, as should fans of Eminem's music. Most, though, will find it rather stupid and juvenile. ~ Jason Birchmeier


Artista Eminem

Etiqueta Interscope



GTIN 0606949329495

Fecha de aparición 03.06.2002

Número de discos 1

Clasificación por edades (FSK) a partir de 16 años

Product type DVD

Dimensión 139 x 1901 x 15  mm

Slim Shady Show


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Vendedor: Dodax EU

Fecha de entrega: entre martes, 14. abril y jueves, 16. abril

Condición: Nuevo

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