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A survivor is born Join Lara Croft on her first tomb-raiding expedition as she tracks down the secret of immortality. The globe's most treacherous, hostile, and remote spots are on her itinerary in this gritty thriller packed with unrelenting action. Help Lara form new alliances as she relies on her intellect and survival skills while embracing her fate as the tomb raider. Woman vs. wild Nothing comes easy for Lara in a world determined to keep its secrets. From blinding snowstorms to savage critters on the prowl, her every move is perilous and contested. Can you keep her alive and thriving in these harsh environments? More tombs and puzzles Raid and loot more tombs—from the wilds of Siberia to the mountains of Syria—each more awe-inspiring and deadly than the last. There are puzzles galore, too, all full of challenging, physics-based problems that progress in difficulty. The ultimate warrior It's gonna take some serious smarts to survive where Lara's headed. Sure, she's got her trusty bow and arrow, but she'll also need to use the environment to her advantage by scaling trees, diving underwater, and building explosives on the fly while battling enemies. Stunning visuals Built with CG graphics and special effects, this is the best-looking and visually immersive Tomb Raider game yet. Real-time cloth and body physics move with lifelike precision, weather changes are real-world precise, and cut scenes are captured with cinema quality.

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Especificaciones técnicas Microsoft Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbox One. Plataforma: Xbox One, Género: Acción / Aventura, Rango ESRB: M (Maduro)

Características Microsoft Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbox One. Juego de edición: Básico, Plataforma: Xbox One, Género: Acción / Aventura, Rango ESRB: M (Maduro), Clasificación PEGI: 18, Explorador: Crystal Dynamics, Fecha de lanzamiento (dd/mm/aa): 10.11.2015, Tipo de distribución: Soporte físico


DUIN 8138D2LN6N5

GTIN 00885370984767

Fecha de aparición 10.07.2015

Referencia PD5-00012

Microsoft Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbox One vídeo juego Básico Holandés


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