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Journey Around the Sun

por Mark Mulligan
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Mark Mulligan Journey Around the Sun
Mark Mulligan - Journey Around the Sun

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Mark's latest CD, 'Journey Around The Sun', features ten new songs (eight of them Mulligan originals). And it's bound to be your favorite Mark Mulligan album yet! From the reggae influenced 'Ain't Singing No Blues' to the Spanish guitars of 'Besame Baby' (Kiss Me)....from the rockin' slide guitar-laced title track 'Journey Around The Sun' to beautiful acoustic guitar based ballads like 'Mexico Moonlight'.'Looking At You', and 'I Want To Love You Like That' (which is probably Mark's best love song yet), you'll love the diverse feel of this CD, Mark's seventh and first to be recorded in Nashville. Not only the songwriting but also the stellar performances by some of Nashville's finest studio musicians. In addition to his brand new original material, Mark included his own versions of two songs ('Down in Paradise' and 'Don't It Make You Wander') by a couple of his favorite songwriters, Brent Burns and Rob Mehl. You'll really notice the James Taylor/America/Jim Croce influence on 'You'. Kick back and enjoy the laid back vibe on 'This Old Beach Town', which describes so many of the places where Mark performs these days, from the Texas coast to mainland Sonora, Mexico to Baja California. In fact, that song is the sequel to the title track of Mark's previous CD, 'Life In a Beach Town'. If you liked that album, you're gonna love this one. Pick it up today, turn up the volume, and take a 'Journey Around The Sun'!

Lista de canciones

CD 1


Ain't Singing No Blues (03:21) - Mark Mulligan


Don't It Make You Wander (03:34) - Mark Mulligan


You (03:10) - Mark Mulligan


Besame Baby (03:45) - Mark Mulligan


This Old Beach Town (05:18) - Mark Mulligan


Journey Around the Sun (03:43) - Mark Mulligan


I Want to Love You Like That (03:49) - Mark Mulligan


Down in Paradise (03:07) - Mark Mulligan


Mexico Moonlight (03:18) - Mark Mulligan


Looking at You (04:04) - Mark Mulligan

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Mark Mulligan
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