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Driving Away the Unwanted Spirit

por CMD & Friends
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CMD & Friends Driving Away the Unwanted Spirit
CMD & Friends - Driving Away the Unwanted Spirit

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21,12 € incl. IVA
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If this CD blesses you, send this site to someone you want to bless. This compilation of Gospel songs is not just 'Contemporary' and it's not just 'R & B' Gospel, it's music that will inspire, strengthen and 'Drive Away The Unwanted Spirit'. First of all I would like to thank God the Father for giving us Jesus Christ, which is the inspiration for what I do, motivated by the Holy Spirit. In loving memory of my Mom, Lena Jackson-Hackett-Burgan-Patterson, who started me in music and was my first manager. CMD & Friends is the result of three Christian Brothers having a desire to play Gospel music and serve God. Special thanks to Maria Narvaez. I couldn't have started this CD without her and to her Husband, Moses Narvaez for allowing her the time to put into this project. To Terrilynn Bryant, for helping me fulfill what I could never do. To Yvette Kearns, my inspiration for writing new songs, thank you for giving me the desire to move forward with this CD. Also special thanks to: Terri Strong, Cliff Duncan, Michael McCoy, Gary Clark, Alysia Walton, Latisha Marshall, Henrietta Watts, James Hackett, Elias Hackett, Gerrie Hackett, Tori Gray, St. G Way, Denise Johnson, Lynn Williams To those whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and has inspired me, cousin of B.B. King, Larry (Bingo) Marcus, formally of the Rude Boys, aka in the Gospel world Marcus B. King, for teaching me how to play, Donald Reeves, The late Mike Wiley of the Dazz Band, Willie Ross one of the best guitar players ever, Calvin Brown of Roy Ayers, Freddy Hubbard, Eddie Levert, John Scott, my little brother, James Burgan, Brad and Mary Comer. Last but not least, to my Wife,Gerrie Hackett for letting me live the life I live without worldly pressure, she is truly a Virtuous Woman. Contact information for CMD Music; If you want us to produce your music contact; Dinke 909-825-5549 2861 S. LaCadena # C, Colton, CA 92324 Produced by Dinke Recorded at CMD Studios, Colton, Ca 92324 Engineered by Mix Master D Mixed by Mix Master D All instruments played by Dennis Hackett Drum programming help by Michael McCoy Sopranos: Terrilynn Bryant, Yvette Kearns, Alysia Walton, Latisha Marshall Altos: Maria NarvaezNaverez, Terri Strong, Gerrie Hackett Tenors: Dennis Hackett, James Hackett, Elias Hackett Children's voices Michael and Aaron Kearns All songs written by Dennis Hackett Except: Forgiveness and What kind of man is this co written by Yvette Kearns Why Lord co written by Tori Gray I trust in you co written by Henrietta Watts Song List 1. Forgiveness (Lead vocals Yvette Kearns) 2. Do you know what you've done to me (Lead vocals Dennis Hackett) 3. Why lord (Lead vocals Yvette Kearns & Dennis Hackett) adlib Denise Johnson 4. I need love (Lead vocals Terri Strong) 5. Well done (Lead vocals Cliff Duncan & Dennis Hackett) 6. I love you (Lead vocals Terrilynn Bryant) 7. Tell you something (Lead vocals Dennis Hackett & Terrilynn Bryant) Rap St. G Way 8. Tired (Lead vocals Terrilynn Bryant) 9. Learn 2 be still 10. Jesus loves all sinners (Lead vocals Dennis Hackett & Terrilynn Bryant) 11. Jesus (Lead vocals Gary Clark) 12. What kind of man is this (Lead vocals Yvette Kearns & Terrilynn Bryant) 13. I trust in you (Lead vocals Maria Narvaez) 14. Come back (Lead vocals Dennis Hackett & Terrilynn Bryant) 15. Why lord (Bonus) 16. Come Back (Bonus)

Lista de canciones

CD 1


Forgiveness (05:28) - CMD & Friends


Do You Know What You've Done to Me (04:07) - CMD & Friends


Why Lord (04:37) - CMD & Friends


I Need Love (05:25) - CMD & Friends


Well Done (04:31) - CMD & Friends


I Love You (04:25) - CMD & Friends


Tell You Something (05:01) - CMD & Friends


Tired (04:25) - CMD & Friends


Learn 2 Be Still (00:45) - CMD & Friends


Jesus Loves All Sinners (03:10) - CMD & Friends


Jesus (04:55) - CMD & Friends


What Kind of Man Is This (04:22) - CMD & Friends


I Trust in You (05:04) - CMD & Friends


Come Back (03:18) - CMD & Friends


Why Lord (04:37) - CMD & Friends


Come Back (03:16) - CMD & Friends

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CMD & Friends
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