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The Knew Holladay
The Knew - Holladay
The Knew - Holladay

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The Knew formed in Denver, Colorado, in the fall of 2004 as a trio: Tyler Breuer on guitar, Jacob Hansen on guitar and vocals, and Patrick Bowden on drums. The Knew's music is influenced by hard, minimalist blues as well as dance-punk and even some southern rock and rockabilly tendencies. The band's self produced first EP, rats, was released in November, 2005. Some tracks lean towards the country/punk sound that Denver is so often associated with. However, other songs use melodies that are found more in bluesy rock. Live, the Knew do not involve much improv, but rather delivers their songs in a whirlwind of rock fury. White Stripes comparisons are inevitable, as the Knew does not have a bassist and there is a great deal of slide used, but try to imagine the White Stripes meeting a thick southern rock sound with very, very tight drumming. 2006 found the Knew short one member as Tyler moved to Costa Rica to teach. The Knew performed as a duo the entire year, and adapted to a new style of song writing. Jacob and Patrick recorded malone, their second EP, and released it in March, 2006. A heavier blues influence can be heard in the 2006 sessions, as the Knew styled their songs around arena-like slide guitar playing the blues. Tyler's much anticipated return in January, 2007, brought the original trio back together again. The band worked some of Tyler's one-man Costa Rican tape recordings into the mix, adapted some of malone for the three of them, and started writing great new material. It was clear that everyone's experience and time apart helped their song writing immensely. With some solid shows as a trio under their belt, they recorded their 3rd EP, holladay, at Denver's Uneven Studio operated by Hot IQs bassist Bryan Fuechtinger. The album, released in July, 2007, touches on blues, alt-country, and old-time rock and roll, and will further establish the band as a major player in the Denver music scene with national aspirations on the near horizon.

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CD 1


It's on Fire (02:24) - The Knew


Piece of Mind (03:54) - The Knew


Salvazar (03:22) - The Knew


Call My Name (03:07) - The Knew


He's a Thief (02:49) - The Knew

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